Meet our Providers

The best dermatology team in the Tampa Bay area. We understand good medical care comes from a partnership between physician and patient, and we intend to uphold our end of the deal. All of our Dermatologist are board certified and have many years of experience. We guarantee “You’ve Never Been Treated So Well”.

Amy Ross, MD

Lisa Garner, MD

Alexis Honigbaum, MD

Scott Lindsey, MD

Isabel Valencia, MD

George Glinos, MD

Maria Sotomayor, MD

Anna Kim, MD

Chauncey Caldwell Barbulescu, MD

Shah Shareef, DO

Viba Malaiyandi, MD

Jennifer Richert, APRN

Erica Underwood, APRN

Hilarie Reinders, PA-C

Audrey Ford, PA-C

Michelle Jordan, PA-C

Shaina Linsky, PA-C

Michael Tharp, MD