About PHDermatology


The Patient comes first, and will be treated just as we wish to be treated when we are patients.

Our patients receive the right procedures, treatments, and routine skin care supported by science and experience, and only when their circumstance requires it.

The physicians and staff across multiple PHDermatology sites are a team, joined together by commitment to our mission and values, as well as the respect, integrity, and concern we demonstrate for each other.

Each of us is a steward of PHDermatology. No work is too menial. What needs to be done is the task of all PHD, physicians and staff alike.

We will never knowingly violate and ethical, legal, or regulatory proscription.

PHDermatology is a learning organization. Without continuous learning by each physician and staff, PHDermatology falls behind and fails in its mission.

PHDermatology is a place for all to grow, personally and professionally. Take advantage of both we are no better than the weakest link.

We welcome all patients, family and friends, as well as healthcare professionals to our site, and appreciate any and all feedback on how this site may be of more use to you.

One of our goals is to provide dermatologic care to our community that is based on the most up to date knowledge, using the newest and most exciting technologies. However, we founded PHD on the oldest of Hippocratic principles-first, do no harm. We will offer our community only those treatment modalities that have been shown by solid medical evidence to be of benefit. When you visit us, you can have confidence that we’ve done our homework, but also that we will answer your questions until you share our confidence that the treatment is right for you.

We embrace the fact that part of our mission is to help you understand the advancing, and somewhat overwhelming, knowledge of dermatology in order that you can be a more informed consumer of care. Keep an eye on this website. From time to time, we’ll review important news in dermatology with you in language that is clear and non-technical. Good medical care comes from a partnership between physician and patient, and we intend to uphold our end of the deal.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide the best possible dermatologic care for you at PHDermatology.