Wart Removal

Study Overview

You could be eligible if you currently have at least 2 warts and no more than 8 isolated warts (not clusters) on your hands or body that you wish to have removed.

Warts that are located on your scalp, nose, eye area, genitals, feet or nail beds are not eligible. *If you have an implantable electronic medical device (pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillator), you are not eligible for this trial.

In this study we will be using either standard Cryotherapy or a new energy- based device known as “CellFX” to remove your warts. The CellFX System is intended to clear the skin of benign (not cancer), undesired skin lesions as an alternative to surgery and other methods for removing warts.

Your assessment & examination will be given by a Board- Certified Dermatologist, located at our Clearwater office on Fridays.

We will be looking for 15 eligible subjects between the ages 22 – 80 years old.

This study schedule will include between 5 to 7 visits depending on the number of treatments you may need. The first visit will take approx. 2 hours. After the initial treatment, you will be required to return monthly for your follow up visits which will only take approx. 30 minutes each.

Your treatment will be free of charge and not submitted to your insurance company. In return for your full participation, you may receive up to $1,100.00.

Please contact the Clinical Research Center at (727) 250-1125 or email us at clinicaltrials@palmharbordermatology.com

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