Clinical Research For Patients

Clinical trials are necessary for and central to medical advances and patient participation is vital to preventing, detecting, and treating various ailments. Our expertly trained medical staff is committed to excelling in each study to provide the highest quality of care to every patient. We have a wide range of expertise and knowledge to deliver the utmost care and attention within each study.

The exact procedures of a specific study will be explained to you during the informed consent discussion. The informed consent discussion will detail the study procedures, explanation of purpose, the time it will take for the procedures, and the benefits and risks of participating.

Qualifications to enroll in each study varies.

Benefits to enrolling in a clinical study include:

  • Access to treatments before they become widely available
  • Education of your medical condition
  • Transportation assistance when needed
  • Compensation
  • No insurance needed
  • Participate in the vital discovery and advancement of new treatments

Our Team

Clinical Research Dept.

Our Clinical Research Department, led by Michael D. Tharp, MD, board certified in both Internal Medicine and Dermatology.

Lead Research Coordinator

Our Lead Research Coordinator Ann Marie Martin, CRC has been leading research studies for over 22 years.

Clinical Research Management

Amy Holbert, Clinical Site Supervisor, MA, CCRP and Danielle Gamson, Manager of Clinical Research, MA each have over 20 years’ experience as research professionals.

If you have questions about joining a study, please contact our clinical research department at 727-250-1125.