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Narrowband UVB

Narrowband UVB phototherapy helps to slow down the abnormal growth of skin cells in psoriasis, reduces inflammation, and stimulates repigmentation in vitiligo. It is often used when topical treatments are ineffective or impractical, and it may also be used in combination with other therapies.

Benefits of Narrowband UVB is that it emits a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light that is narrower compared to traditional UVB therapy. This specificity reduces the risk of potential side effects such as burning and premature aging of the skin. It also can be targeted to specific areas of the body affected by skin conditions, allowing for more precise treatment and minimizing exposure to unaffected areas.

Treatment sessions are typically short, starting with a few seconds to a few minutes, and gradually increasing in duration as the patient’s skin becomes accustomed to the UVB light. The frequency and duration of sessions depend on the condition being treated, the patient’s skin type, and other factors determined by the healthcare provider. 

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